Swimrun is a new sport that started in Scandinavia in 2004. The first official race in New Zealand was held in 2016. 


Swimrun is a combination of swims and runs linked together seamlessly without defined transition areas. A Swimrun team consists of two swimrunners who complete the course together, carrying all of their gear from start to finish. Note that NZSwimRun also offer an individual category, unique to NZSwimRun. 

The distance and terrain can be tough and distances vary race to race. NZSwimRun's events will all be between 20 and 30km, start to finish. The Whangamata course is 23.1km consisting of 15.8km of mostly off-road running and 7.3km of swimming across 11 stages. 


NZSwimRun will be delivering all of it's events in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands rugged, beautiful and totally natural environments. The terrains can be unpredictable and the swims may not be sheltered as they will be held in lakes, the ocean and harbours and rivers.


SwimRun gear consists of a wetsuit (optional for NZSwimRun events), running shoes, swim cap, goggles and anything else providing it is not motorised. All gear is checked at the start line for compliance.

Yes you run in your wetsuit and swim with your shoes. 

Whangamata, New Zealand

NZSwimRun's founding event will be held on the wonderful Coromandel Peninsula at a date during the New Zealand Spring/Summer (dependent on the constraints and limitations brought about by the global pandemic and the travel and event restrictions being experienced).

Swimrunners will be transported to Onemana from Whangamata and compete over a classic point-to-point SwimRun course finishing in Whangamata, one of the most stunning beach resorts in New Zealand, and indeed the world. 

Register here (registrations on hold). https://www.active.com/whangamata-wko/duathlon/nzswimrun-coromandel-peninsula-2020